How You Can Thrive Using Remote Teams
Communication Relationships
1. Watch our CEO and COO give you an overview of this resource
8 min
GiANT is Remote
At GiANT we have been a fully remote organization for years, and we’ve learned how to thrive in this environment. Join us as we tell you about the mistakes we’ve made, the tools we use, and the general mindset that we approach remote work with.
The Core Principles of Being a Remote Team
Communication Relationships
1. Remote leadership must be intentional
7 min
2. The five voices of remote teams
10 min
3. The five gears of remote teams
9 min
4. Progress and priorities on a remote team
8 min
Trust is Key
If you thought trust was important in a physical environment, it’s even more important in a remote workplace. When you are not physically present with your team members it is easy for distrust and doubt to creep into relationships. Use the tools in the videos above to become a high-performing remote team, that fully trusts each other.
The Tools Necessary for Remote Work
Execution Alignment Capacity
1. How to use Zoom for remote teams
6 min
2. How to use Slack for remote teams
6 min
3. How to use Google Suite for remote teams
6 min
4. How to use Trello for remote teams
7 min
5. How to use Airtable for remote teams
4 min
6. How to use Miro for remote teams
4 min
The Right Apps Matter
In a remote workplace, the tools you use on a continual basis to produce, communicate, and everything in-between become mission-critical. If you don’t have the right apps set up, your team will experience gaps in their workflow and waste time finding workarounds to meet their needs. Use the videos above to understand the apps needed for successful remote teams.
Reflections on Remote Work
Communication Relationships
1. Rich and Jeremie reflect on remote work at GiANT
8 min
Thriving Remotely
Organizations are often nervous about remote work, but with the right principles and tools it’s possible to thrive in this new environment. We hope this resource has been beneficial. We’d love for you to learn more about how GiANT can serve you by clicking the link in the bottom left of this screen.

If you want book a session with Rich to get one-on-one support with any element of leading remote teams, click here giantworldwide.com/thriveremote
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